Yes! You’re arrived on my website. I’m a web creator specialized in the WordPress edition. I’m working with passion.

Main activities

The web creation is not my main activities. This is an extra and complementary job to have a specialization in the web and especially in the CMS WordPress.

Then, I publish only some works. No all researches are publicly available (for sample my search regarding the SEO, the integration of the WAI, etc.)

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Find here my stuff. I’m addict of the website creation, the diffusion of the information with specialized tools (like Mailchimp), etc. 

A question about my work? Don’t hesitate to contact me via the form. 

Association de Parents

Full creation of the website. www.associationdeparents.be, from a static website to a full dynamic website. This website was realized for the parents association of the school of my daughter and associated to a Mailchimp newsletter. All is managed from the website, with auto publication on the social networks. Tools: WordPress, SEO, SOA, administration, sub-theme, backup, … Continue reading Association de Parents

Albine Conseille, élégance et personnalité

Full creation of the website www.albine-conseille.be; design, implementation, add-on, personalisation, sub-themes, etc. with extra implemented tool for a daily usage, including SEO tool, backup tool, free pictures, explanation and teaching of the use of a WordPress dynamic site.  Tool: WordPress, SEO, SOA, backup-up, …

Mailchimp Albine Conseille

Creation of the mailing list, templates, design, import of the « list », etc.  for the website of Albine Conseille (www.albine-conseille.be) and coupled with the social networks for the diffusion. 

Mailchimp Association de Parents

Creation of the mailing list and newsletter (with using of templates) for the Association of Parents, coupled with the social networks and the website. 

Studio AIR

Creation of the website (soon publicly available!), sub-theme, backup, social integration (in and out…). SEO, SOA, diffusion are also include in this creation (service).

Laurent Waeytens

Full creation of the website. www.laurentwaeytens.be, this website was realized for a candidate in my administration zone. All is managed from the website, with auto publication on the social networks. Tool: WordPress, SEO plugin, …

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